Cambridge Courses - An Overview

Distance Learning Academy courses are designed to stimulate each student while allowing them the freedom to progress at their own pace. Based on a combination of traditional distance correspondence learning and e-technology, we provide academic programmes based on the internationally recognised Cambridge curriculum.

Designed and developed by educational psychologists, lecturers and experts in their own field, each course takes into consideration the individual needs, and learning styles of each student. This ensures that each learner progresses without the added pressure and strain of a full-time school.

Although electronic communication, the internet and other web based technologies have advanced 10 fold over the years, this has not necessarily translated into an environment that has bettered education. Due to this phenomenon we have crafted our subject matter very carefully to include the best of both worlds of both e-learning and traditional paper based formats.

    We provide you with

  • Comprehensive weekly work schedules for an academic year,
  • The details for the latest endorsed textbooks,
  • Compulsory assignments that keep track of your progress,
  • Reports and feedback,
  • In-depth aids that ensure that all our courses can be completed successfully without any added pressure.
  • Unlimited extra help via telephone, Skype or email, no exceptions.
  • If you would like an example of a work-pack, please let us know.