Video Introduction - 4 min

Welcome to a solid base that provides the starting block for children, alive with opportunity.

In today’s world it is difficult to define exactly what a great education is. The innate ability to learn and acquire information is one thing, but with overcrowded classrooms, limited resources and potentially unstimulating educational environments, it is not as easy as it may once have been. The number of children who tend to battle or fall behind in class and the amount of teachers who find it difficult to truly educate large groups of students has risen exponentially over the past few years.

The Distance Learning Academy has come about due to the undoubted need for individual attention, in a fast-paced society where a simple classroom lesson is no longer sufficient to ensure that a child or young adult gets the best education possible. With the recent rapid developments in technology and communication, distance education is now, more than ever, a completely viable and realistic alternative to conventional full-time study.

Here at the Distance Learning Academy we are not just teachers as we believe it is easy to simply acquire and pass on information. Our team is a group of highly educated professionals who have extensive knowledge of their subjects, a passion for what they do and an innate ability to explain and pass this on to others in a way that it is no longer mere information but, for students, becomes an insightful and interesting journey through learning.

The premise that there are no bad students, only bad teachers is something we try to keep in mind at all times. It is very easy to pass off a student as one who battles to learn, is easily distracted, or is simply not ‘academic’. We dismiss these negative viewpoints straight away believing that it is these ideas that lead students alike to question their potential and doubt their abilities. We strive to create an educational relationship that is interesting to the student and allows them to grow at their own pace and see their capabilities within themselves. It has been found that with this outlook students find passion in their work and determination for success. We aim to aid and inspire students towards better education and a better future.

As we believe that a safe and familiar environment is best for learning thus we bring the teacher into your home.